About Me

You might have already surmised that my name is Joston Ramon Theney, though I have been credited much of my filmmaking career as Joston “El Rey” Theney.  I’m originally from Atlanta, GA and relocated to Los Angeles, CA for work in the entertainment industry.

My short story DEAD IS RED won a literary competition which landed me the “Building A Better Georgia” Award and got me published at the age of 16.  Many writing assignments ranging from ad copy to television pilots followed and ultimately led me to screenwriting as a profession.

I’ve written and directed a slew of genre projects since then – BLEED 4 ME, ADAM K, AXEMAN and AXEMAN 2: OVERKILL, just to name a few!  And I’ve written and directed virtual reality projects such as TALE OF TWO FACES and the action/thriller series UNCUT. But there are many fan favorites that I’ve ghost-written as well that run the gamut from comedies to children’s animation.

I very much look forward to keeping you in the know about my upcoming projects which include my first series of novels, as well as my first comic book and the third film in the AXEMAN trilogy!

Stay tuned and I’ll see you in my posts:-)

Best and Be Well,

Joston Ramon Theney